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Thursday, 11 August 2011 22:40

We have just finished Fun in the Gulf, an implementation of the abstract strategy board game Lines of Action!  It will soon be ported to Xbox Live indie games, and is currently available for PC.  Our next game will be NomNoms, and should be completed by the end of summer.

We will soon be coming out with PC versions of Scatha and Four Corners, $1.00 for both!  We have also released a demo version of a new game, Runic Tower Defense.

Four Corners has been approved for sale on the Xbox Live Marketplace!

Four Corners has been submitted for peer review.

Four Corners has now entered its beta testing period in the XNA community.  We hope to improve Four Corners through this experience as much as we did with Scatha and get it into the marketplace by the end of summer.

With Scatha's recent success and the prospect of a bright future ahead of us, we have officially incorporated Living Creature Studios and will release future titles under this name.

Scatha has just been approved for the marketplace!  Check it out now!

Scatha has been submitted for peer review, after which it will join the marketplace!  We have made lots of changes throughout our time in playtest, and the game is now looking polished and complete.

Our second game, Four Corners, is now the primary focus of our development efforts.

Scatha has now entered official playtesting through the XNA community.  We are eager to see how it will fare and to make necessary changes.

Our very first full-scale game, Scatha, has now entered full-time development.